Spinning   Acrylic on canvas 85cm x 100cm   £900



Angel    Acrylic on canvas  100cm x 85cm  £900


Rehearsal I

Rehearsal study 3













Rehearsal II  Mixed media on card 45cm x 60cm  £350 ( framed )


Leaping Dancer II

Rehearsal III   Mixed media on card   45cm x 60cm   £350 ( framed)


male dancer in brown 2

Male Dancer   Acrylic on canvas. 100cm x 80cm   £900


dancer with silk

Dancing with Silk   Acrylic on canvas 85cm x 85cm  SOLD



Fire and Ice  Acrylic on canvas  140cm x 100cm   £1200
Leaping Dancer     Limited edition print, 65cm x 85cm. £300 with mount. £275 without.


2015-11-24 10.02.22_resized_1
Pink Stiletto     Limited edition print, 55cm x 75cm. £300 with mount, £275 without.


Pink Ladies
Pink Ladies     Mixed media on paper, 75cm x 85cm or available as
limited edition print. £300 with mount, £275 without.


2015-11-18 09.32.49_resized_3
Three Dancers     Acrylic on canvas, 100cm x 85cm.  £1,200.00
Also available as limited edition print 75cm x 55cm print. £300 with mount, £275 without.